There are several ways to create income to start a business online . Each has its pros and cons discussed below:

Entry 1: Advertising

source of income

Pros. Advertising is ideal to start a business online. Through Google Adsense, you open an account with them and you can paste a code to your page, where ads appear promoted by Google.

Contras. At the beginning does not generate much money, and if you break one of the rules of the ethics code from Google, goodbye to your advertising. A second factor is the high degree of competition that makes you have to be constantly updated with new articles your site fresh and original content.

Entry 2: Selling a physical product

Pros. The internet is great for promotion. If that is your intention, you’re on the right track. By having your website, you can make quotes, orders or connect with a wider market.

Contras. Selling a product online is totally complicated. From my experience in Latin America there is still no culture of buying online. This is partly because there are few places like, no access to credit cards to pay online, and there is much suspicion (wrong) to buy online.

Entry 3: Sell a service

Pros. You may want to offer your services on the Internet, such as a virtual assistant, or perhaps a consulting service of a specific turn. Like selling a physical product, you can have more contact with a lot of potential customers.

Contras. If you sell a physical product is complicated further with respect to services. Since one payment and not get something tangible in return, little sales conversion online shopping services.

Entry 4: Selling an intangible product

Pros. There are a lot of experience and information about it. It mainly refers to selling packaged goods information, such as videos, ebooks, software, among others.

Contras. You must select your market correctly or you will not sell anything. For example, ever tried to sell an ebook on how to link (or search partner). However, despite the price fall continuously and be well positioned in Google, not selling anything. In the end, the problem was that I was working with a market of men under age (those seeking this information), without the economic capacity to have a credit card and buy online. Beware of these details.

5. Create your website

There are many options for creating a web site quick and easy. For example, you can create your blog at or

The other way is when you know programming code as HTML, PHP, ASP, etc., you can develop your site exactly as you want.