Some tips for listening to your customers

The result of the relationship with the client we can say that we have succeeded or failed in our undertaking.


Therefore we must think that an effective channel of communication that relate to the company each of your clients. Communication is the most important point of Exchange with the customers, and is essential to learn to listen to them in an efficient way by the tremendous success of social networks.

Listening means being attentive to what customers “say” and also to “do not say”; It is thinking about what you are requesting and for what you need what requests; 99 percent of the time the secret of relationship with your customers is thinking along with him, putting on her shoes, placing their situation and context.

However, it is not always so easy to think what are the ways in which the company is going to listen to their customers. To help this relationship and an effective continuation we present a list of tips that will allow you to optimize your method to listen to:

1. Make small surveys, annual or biannual, shaped them where do questions to customer business; what you want to improve and sobre treatment she is receiving.
2. You should always try to that your questionnaire is as simple and dynamic as possible, to not take away long time customers.
3. After the survey, optimal is to communicate the results to customers so they feel that they are heard and that is not a paper without sense.
4. Segmented your customer before interpreting your feedback. Do the answers mean is a mistake. The real value of feedback is in the distribution of responses.
5. Understanding the why: instead of making them literal case understands the whys of their feedback why ask for certain features, why use (or not using) the product in a certain way.
It is much more important to know your customers simply listen to them. This includes observing their behavior.
6. Changes: is vital that you notice that you’ve implemented the changes they recommend your customers through polls you do.

I hope that these simple but important tips can help you and the customers who serve if the relationship is satisfactory for both sides, your business and customers.