Solve problems of science to make money

Scientists of any specialty can earn money for solving scientific problems. Money can be earned by winning a prize, as the X Prize, or by employing an institution of research . Some websites, such IdeaConnection are harnessing the talents of scientists around the world by paying successful solutions to the problems raised by companies. The amount of money offered to solve problems depends on the complexity of the issue and how much is the need for a response


Solve problems

Looking for a challenge or win a prize for solving a particular scientific problem that can contribute to the betterment of humanity. The X Prize Foundation offers prizes and challenges in periods of two years. Select a particular problem, whether you figure it out on your own or join a team of scientists working on a solution. The Nobel prizes are generally awarded scientists – including mathematicians, economists and medical researchers – after the impact of his discovery has been measured. This process can take several years. Nobel Prize Winners must be appointed in accordance with the requirements governing the group award of the prize to relevant scientists.


Get a job in a company or laboratory research . Many medical and chemical laboratories employ scientists to solve various problems in physics, mathematics, environmental and medical. These companies pay salaries to scientists based on their experience and prior academic training as well as their potential to find solutions that give businesses a competitive advantage and can reap huge financial rewards.

He works as a teacher in a university of research . The best universities around the country focus their graduate studies in the scientific problems facing humanity. Teachers take these scientific studies and are paid for their teaching efforts.

Sign up as a “troubleshooter” through a web-based company, as IdeaConnection. IdeaConnetion solution receives requests from corporations, and then compile a team of scientists willing to solve the problem. This works similarly to a prize, in the sense that scientists are paid only if your solution is so accepted by society.