IEBS launches the first Master specialized in free Software of management and ERP extended

The new business school program examines trends applied to business management “open source”. Currently there is a high demand for professionals with knowledge in management and new business models-free software. The IEBS business school has announced the launch of the first master of the market that addresses the management of the enterprise software based on ‘open source’ of open source tools. It’s the Master in management Free Software: Open Source ERP II.

Database mirroring increases database availability.

The ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning) for its acronym in English are information systems used to manage and automate key business processes of business.

Currently, these systems have evolved towards an integration of processes and functions (ERP II or extended ERP) and its use is spreading in all types of organizations, in part, due to the inrush of new and innovative proposals on free software.

The programme responds to the training needs of new professional profiles, in an era in which free software is a reality increasingly demanded in the corporate world, but in which it is difficult find prepared professionals able to implement it successfully.

The Master in management, Open Source and ERP II Software provides the tools to understand and manage the paradigm shift involving free software in organizations.

And deepen, in a practical way, in applications management in free software leaders in each category as Openbravo, SugarCRM, Pentaho, Alfresco and Magento, among others.

The Master is aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates who aspire to lead the processes of transformation and innovation of the companies of the 21st century.

The goal of the program is to train students in a very practical way, working on real cases and simulations, so that it can apply them to your environment and needs.

The program, which starts the next 24 of October 2013, is taught entirely form online. Those interested can find out about this master in the school of business web.

The director of the master, one of the promoters of Openbravo and expert on ERPs, Eugeni Vives, explains that “the aim of the master is the student to acquire the skills necessary to design an optimal strategy, based on free software, for the implementation of the systems of management of an enterprise, public administration and NGOs. Be prepared to lead change, opportunities, optimize resources and simplify processes”.