Social Media: Does your company part of the conversation?

The vast majority of Canadians now use social media in one form or another to create and consume content. Canadians spend more time online, the more your business is likely to join them on the web.

Have you considered how you might use social media in your business?

Marketing: Advertising in traditional media can be expensive. To advertise in social media does not cost anything more than the time you spend. Tell your customers that they can register your son social media to learn about your new products, discounts, sales, and more.

Social Media

Customer Service: When a customer calls, you answer the phone. When someone enters your store, you ask “Can I help you? “. If you use social media to send messages to your customers, so be sure to answer them when they contact you.

Listening to comments: Many people use social media to talk about good and bad experiences they have had with companies. Be sure to listen to the comments made about your company in social media. This feedback may help you improve your business and give you the opportunity to address the concerns of your customers. Satisfied customers can become your ambassadors online. Tell them that you appreciate them.

Hiring employees: Social media can be a great way to announce job opportunities within your company. It can also be useful to do some research into social media for more information on candidates.

Monitoring major trends: By monitoring the “circles of influence” key and relevant keywords, you can stay abreast of trends and developments activities in your industry.
Social media are a means to establish good relationships with your customers talk with other business owners and stay abreast of what’s happening in your industry.

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