SMEs: how to do business with a large company

Most remember the image of Gregory Peck in the film Moby Dick, the great classic directed by John Huston. A man of 80 kilos, in a rowing boat from just a few meters, with a harpoon in hand, facing a giant 25 meters and over 100 tons.

So we feel many SME managers, when we consider doing business with large companies. Normally we are more concerned about our fears that they may have for them after all, are very large, very powerful, and have much more money: they have the upper hand. But the problem is that the roles are reversed : they are employees of large companies who are afraid of making a mistake to hire us. A small, little-known, with little seniority, often present risks. Large companies tend not encourage risky decisions. About the face and err, often pay dearly.

This makes the large corporations are much more interested in the level of security that we can offer, the benefits that we can bring. The fear is more powerful than the return on investment or competitive advantage. Small But we focus on the benefits we offer, forgetting to dispel doubts about us. This leads to errors, which result in fear hire us. Result: we lose the sale, and ended up never thinking that a big contract a little. Error. There are thousands of examples of that is not true. if you want more information you can visit az movers.


To avoid these errors, we have to think in terms of elephants and mice , namely that while intuition tell us otherwise, the first are afraid of the latter. Specifically, the large companies fear four factors :

Changes: Any condition involving a change in the usual way of working is an obstacle.
Conflict: A decision not shared by peers or, worse, for bosses, have little chance of succeeding.
Work: If our proposal is going to do more work on the account, we simply discarded.
Errors: If you hire us, and something goes wrong, the blame is yours.