Small business ideas with low investment

A small business can be a productive and profitable venture, allowing you to make money and work on your own terms. However, when money is tight, the high costs of implementation can be a limiting factor. In tough economic times, choosing a small business idea that requires a low initial investment.

Small business ideas

Regardless of the economic climate, consumers and businesses need their homes and facilities clean. If you know how to leave a spotless room, you can start a business, all you need are cleaning and basic marketing materials. Instead of investing in high-cost promotional materials, make a simple flyer or brochure with prices and contact information and take it to the companies or homes in person. By doing so you can create an immediate connection with a target audience and can put a face to the business. Because the people who clean usually work without supervision, this personal contact can be essential to convince customers that are reliable and friendly.

Pet Service
If you love animals, you can start a pet service business to move forward with your passion without a big investment. Depending on your skills and availability of time, you might consider walking dogs, animal care or even independent pet photographer. If you have a house that is appropriate for pets, offering pet sitting overnight to give a more friendly to a kennel, dog day care is also an option for mothers who stay at home or for those working in house. People working for crafts can make pet clothes and cooks can modify their recipes for special treats for pets.

Car Service
If you have a nice car and live in a city that lacks public transport or taxis, you can start a service car using your own vehicle. Regarding investment costs, you need a basic website and flyers to deliver on hotels local and place on the heels of announcements. Also inquire about licensing requirements in your state. Make your service is friendly and informal, like a friend who picks someone else to take him to the airport. Set reasonable charges and deters passengers tipping for the service is easy and convenient process.

Part-time Assistant
For people who have a car, a cell phone and a computer, an assistant part-time business can be a lucrative venture. As an assistant, you can advertise your services on the Internet and through the city, and thus take clients virtually and in person. It offers basic services collect clothes to take to the cleaners, make purchases, research travel options and entertainment, make phone calls, schedule appointments and even walking dogs. Being a part-time personal assistant for many people, they save the money of a full-time employee and combine the tasks to save time.