Small business ideas for a nurse

Many nurses are sought by health professionals who can work in a wide variety of configurations and capabilities. Registered nurses, or RN (for its acronym in English), are nurses who have completed a master’s program in addition to four years to complete and pass the NCLEX-RN test, or the test of the national council licensing registered nurses. If you have this designation and’re tired of working in a doctor’s office or other authority, consider starting your own small business to gain freedom and independence.

Nursing agency
Some experienced nurses start their own nursing agency. These types of businesses employ nurses and act as an employment agent or recruited. According to Small Business Brief (Brief small business), nurses are highly marketable in the modern right market because the need for nurses is greater than the number available current working nurses. If you’ve been in the industry for a while and already have an established network of relationships with other nurses, this may be your small business. The basic premise for this type of small business is to find employers who need nurses and nurses available after combining with open positions. The employer simply makes a profit by taking a specific percentage of payment of the nurse or even charge a finder’s fee for direct recruitment.

types of businesses employ nurses

Holistic Nurse
Holistic nursing is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and spirit are connected. Nurses who already know about the medicine and holistic Eastern practices such as Yoga and Reiki, may be interested in starting an independent practice holistic. Normally holistic nurses are certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association, according to Small Business Ideas for Nurses (Small business ideas for nurses). Current practice usually involves an assessment of the general welfare of the patient, including nutrition and mindset and emotional in general. Often holistic nurses studying acupuncture, massage therapy and reflexology. They treat the branch of the patient’s disease and the current physical symptoms.
Legal Consultant
Registered nurses who want to relax retirement or start a second career may consider a career as a legal nurse consultant. This type of small business takes many years of practice and experience in pharmacology to assist with criminal and civil court cases. According to Independent Nurse Contractor (Contractor Independent Nurse), nurses who have years of experience in emergency rooms, are often a good choice for this profession. Often this is because they have assisted in the process of diagnosis, and have witnessed undue consequences of drugs and overdose.

Hospital hospice
If you have a sympathetic nature and you enjoy working in a home environment, consider starting your small business hospice. This type of business you can start being an independent contractor or may involve the recruitment of several nurses to work for you and your customers. Usually hospitals to care for terminally ill patients in their own homes with geriatric or chronic illness. They can also help stroke victims recover or have accidents, people who need treatment and care about a 24 hour care.