A Coruna is the road show promoting SMEs

Promoting SMEs becomes A Coruna to transfer innovative ideas that will help grow small and medium-sized enterprises. The event will take place on April 17 in the Agora Center. A Coruña joins the Group of cities that will host this edition 2013 of promoting SMEs. The event will take place through 10 microponencias of 10 minutes in which attendees will benefit from strategies provided by driving the project companies through four fundamental pillars: finance, innovation, internationalization, and energy efficiency.

show promoting SMEs

The event will take place in the Agora Center from 9:00 h to 11:30 and under the slogan: “If you want to change the future of your business, changes the way of doing things. Reinvent yourself”. The initiative has the support of the city of A Coruña. The opening will be in charge of the Deputy Mayor, delegate Councillor of the Area of employment and enterprise, Ms. Ms. Maria Luisa Cid Castro. To assist, the registration can be done. Enterprises can enjoy besides Cafenet or space SMEs, sections created so that SMEs can have a more direct contact with the drivers of the project.

As a novelty this year, has been created the Ono award best 2013 SME. Each city will have a local SME which will present their project and will opt to final award to be presented on June 19, during the meeting in Madrid.

In addition, Iberia Plus company, in every encounter draw will be “Support to SMEs”, which will be among those attending a prize of 1,500 points equivalent to a round-trip to Europe in full tourist class flight company.

Inigo Manso, CEO of Avalon the network of experts, creative company of the movement promoting SMEs, says: “support our business is absolutely key and fundamental. From promoting SMEs 2013 we communicate innovative ideas and best practices from the most important companies of our country. “We think it necessary to reinvent itself”.

Promoting SMEs it is a movement that moved to SMEs the need to think differently and see the market from different perspectives, to find the path that will improve business.