Short term loans or Long term loans – Choose to suit your financial condition!

It is only with the support of financial support in various forms of loans that most of the people are able to make purchases besides regular monthly expenses. The people dealing with loans need to survive the competition and so are keen on attracting consumers by offering attractive terms on loans of all types. All the claims are not genuine and all the lenders are not reliable. Before you apply for an offer, you need to verify if a particular offer is genuine or not and if it suits your requirements. The features of the loans and the terms of each of the offers should be understood thoroughly before signing the loan agreement.

Features of short term loans and long term loans

Short term loans can be obtained if you are confident of returning the loan quickly. For short term loans, the interest rates are higher and the repayments are higher. If you cannot afford huge monthly payments, short term loans cannot be your choice. For long term loans, the monthly payments are lower comparatively and so the stress is minimized. However, the loan is costlier as you keep paying interest for a longer time. If you have minimum resources, it becomes inevitable to apply for long term loans although it takes a longer time to clear the loans. Applying just for the amount needed will make the repayments comfortable and stress free.

The repayments can be calculated before applying for loans. This helps to understand whether you can afford the payments. The loan amount should be determined based on your affordability. Online calculators provided by relevant websites can be used for calculating the loan repayments. However, you can make additional payments whenever it is possible and this way the loan can be cleared faster. Understanding your situation clearly will help to decide whether you can choose long term loan with minimum monthly payments or short term loans with lower interest but higher monthly payments.

The purpose of the financial requirements influences the type of the loan. If you need finance for purchasing home, you can go for long term loan as the amount needed is huge. It should be ensured that you go for the property that is worth the amount of loan as you are made to pay more towards the interest alone in the long term loan. If you are going to dispose the property at the expiry of the loan term, the property value should be above the total cost of the loan.

Long term loans are ideal for the home buyers who are not in position to afford huge monthly payments currently but are sure to get increase in the salary in future. It is highly advantageous to apply for home loans in spite of lower income as the commitment prevents unnecessary shopping. You are forced to restrict your spending and make savings to clear the loan as fast as possible. Besides this the property value also gets appreciated mostly at the end of the loan term. Long term loans are not advised for purchasing vehicles as the value of the vehicle gets depreciated for sure by the time the loan is settled.

Short term loans are recommended for vehicle purchase. If you are in the idea of selling the vehicle after using it for some time, you can settle the loan by the amount you get in the deal and secure some money for yourself as well. By availing long term loan for purchase of vehicle, you are sure to spend more for the vehicle than the worth of the same at the end of the loan term. It is recommended that you clear the loan by paying additional amount whenever possible. You can avoid the stress due to repayments by making exact calculations on loans and understand your ability to repay the loan.