Shops in areas prime are those who are best enduring the crisis

The market is selective and therefore shops in areas prime are those that are better supporting the sharp fall in prices, unlike what happens with the located buildings of poor quality or bad while it is true that real estate sector in general in Spain is suffering the crisis due to the excess supply, to price levels that were reached with the bubble and the lack of funding, reality says that the prices of the apartments located in area prime cities such as Barcelona or Madrid have fallen to a lesser extent.

In good times, all property and all locations seemed to justify a high price level. Today, the market is selective and property of high standing and the best locations, more enduring the strong fall in prices.

Shops in areas

“Onstage as complicated as the current sector is beginning to flare up.” What factors is this reaction? Us in Cat Real Estate found that 70% of residential demand today is for rent. The need for housing has not ceased to exist. Price instability and lack of funding have led to the demand to opt for rent. “Once prices go regularizing, the purchase will be reactivating but it shall always be subject to financing facilities” says Nacho Castella, partner Director of Cat Real Estate.

In this context, investments are basically focusing on commercial premises leased to companies of first level. Brands need to be located in the best commercial axes and are willing to pay high rents to be present in the areas of tourism and national consumption.

This high level of income defends the value of the premises. For this reason, investments in this type of asset are much safer in other types of real estate and the returns offered are interesting. “It is important to note that they must be local in excellent locations, with contracts to market rents, guaranteed and solvent tenants.” Cat Real Estate we specialize in this type of operations showing us as one of the most active companies in Barcelona and Madrid. Tourism is vital for this type of assets and today cities such as Barcelona increased the number of tourists who visit each day. “On streets like Passeig de Gràcia sales to tourists can reach 50% of the turnover”, point from the consultant.

The most important thing in these times of uncertainty is to sell and one of the measures being taken by the sector is open market and put this type of real estate to foreign customers. “Our activity is based on the Family Office management.”

Families who have equity in Barcelona and Madrid. However, we are open to outside analyzing investment operations abroad, for example in New York, where we have an Office in Midtown Manhattan. In the Big Apple can be found in area real estate prime with yields of 6% “.”

About Catrealestate:
Cat Real estate is a company that is willing to give a serious, honest, discreet service and the most professional customer. It offers its customers a comprehensive service in real estate transactions, from the purchase of land to commercialization. At all times you consider the inverter customer profile, as well as the situation of the real estate market in the area. The address of the company is in charge of: Nacho Castella homes. Professional with over eight years of experience in the real estate sector of Barcelona.

It has been six years in Busquets Gálvez as commercial Director and two years in Landscape (real estate branch of the Banco Sabadell group) as commercial Manager of the heritage of the group. It is right by the UPF Bachelor and Master in business real estate agents by the UB. He has been involved in the advice of major operations of large companies in Barcelona location.