Sharing celebrates its 20th anniversary

Output management company continues to develop in the market with a growth to double digit since its Foundation, 20 years ago compartment, leading manufacturer of output management (who) modular, multiplatform systems software, announces that it continued its expansion in the market during the past year, date in which completed 20 years of its foundation. In this way, the German company celebrates its anniversary with a very significant growth forecast, because the overall figure would reach 20%, surpassing the previous year.

The firm was founded in Böblingen in 1992 and since then has continued its expansion both in Germany and across the international landscape. Sharing was born as a provider of software for converting files, but the company was expanding its areas of business over the years, becoming overall leader in output management around the world.

Sharing celebrates its 20th anniversary

Their solutions and services cover all areas of standard output (Output Management) management, either scalable or platform-independent, and is designed for all output channels, both physical and digital.

“Is a pride to ensure that sharing supports all companies of all sizes and industries in the generation of business communications, 20 years,” said Tomás Carrasco, Country Manager of sharing Iberia and Latin America of sharing. “In addition, our company has become a leader in driving innovation since 40 per cent of its employees are devoted exclusively to research and development, thus promoting the sustainable growth of enterprises and facilitating adaptation to the documentary management of today”.

One of the characteristics of the role of sharing as a driver of innovation is its ability to anticipate and respond to the current trends of management with its range of DocBridge products that provide the necessary capacity to respond to their production of communications needs regardless of the output channel to enterprises and service providers.

Through its subsidiaries and partners, sharing today has presence in 40 countries around the world. In addition to their regions of Western and southern Europe, including France, Spain, Belgium and Italy, the software company has a strong presence in United States and Latin America, the latter mainly in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. Also, the company plans to further expand its international presence in the coming years, from its central region, which includes Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To this must be added its current customer base that already includes twelve of the twenty largest banks in the world and seven of the ten largest suppliers of telecommunications in Europe.