Martin Berasategui, seven stars Michelin, opens the harvest of the 2012 salt in the salt Valley

The Deputy-General Alava and President of the Foundation salt Valley of Anana, Javier Andres, gives to Martin Berasategui plate credited as sponsor of a farm of eras of the salt Valley of Anana salt. The campaign of the salt harvest starts in May and closes in October. He is expected to produce a total of 12 tons of Fleur de Sel and other 80 tons of salt Mineral handmade. Salinas de Anana,May 24, 2012-the chef with seven stars Michelin, Martin Berasategui, has been in charge of opening this morning the ‘home of the harvest of the salt 2012’, act with which officially begins the production of salt in the salt Valley of Anana The Deputy-General Alava and President of Anana, Javier Andres, salt Valley Foundation has given the plate which distinguishes it as a sponsor of a farm of eras of salt in the salt Valley of Anana.

The relationship of Berasategui to the Anana salt is not new. For years her has been using in their dishes “for being an exceptional, high purity and produced handmade product, allowing you to retain all its original flavor”. Now, in recognition of this work, it becomes official Ambassador along with other major international chefs. Berasategui also had words for the recovery project of the salt Valley “commendable” in his view.

seven stars Michelin

For its part, the General Deputy of Alava and President of Anana salt Valley Foundation thanked him for his contribution to spreading the quality of Anana salt and highlighted the efforts, in various areas, by professionals as Martin Berasategui in pursuit of achieving the Declaration of the UNESCO World Heritage. “I am convinced that with everyone’s effort and working as far we will achieve the Anana salt Valley is world heritage”. In the words of De Andres, “this decision is a step of great importance, both for the future of the salt Valley as well as for Alava and of the autonomous community Basque in general, since having a heritage of outstanding universal value is a unique opportunity for global projection.”

The value of the landscape of salt of Salinas de Anana, unique in the world, lies not only in its unusual architecture consisting of sequences of terraces built by humans throughout history with stone, wood or clay, but also in the thousands of eras of crystallization of salt, or in the hundreds of channels of saltwater that distributed fluid to every corner of the Valley through a system of sharing of thousands of years of history.

Minutes earlier, Berasategui has collected the first salt of the campaign in the own age with the help of salinero Edorta Loma and both have been used in a symbolic way. With this gesture given by inaugurated the 2012 salt harvest in a unique landscape surrounded by eras with thousands of years of history.

For its part, the Managing Director of the salt Valley Foundation of Anana, Roberto Lopez Eguílaz, pointed out that with the enlargement of the number of eras recovering production will reach this year 12 tonnes of Fleur de Sel and 80 tonnes of salt ore. This is the forecast that manages, although it must be borne in mind that in the case of Anana salt being a completely handmade production that it depends directly on favorable conditions of Sun and wind, and of course, the work of the salinero.

In the 2011 harvest were collected a total of 8 tons of Fleur de Sel and 58 tons of salt Mineral. “With the quantity that occurs this year can extend more than 200 points of national and international sale where already sells the Anana salt”, has detailed Eguílaz Lopez.

Salt Valley, declared a national historic monument in 1984 and selected in 2012 as a Spain candidate to UNESCO to become a world heritage site, is located on one of the most curious of the geology, the diapir, phenomena that the salinity of the environment makes its ecosystem unique. The last \’proyectos of salt Valley among the various areas of the salt restoration projects; the beginning of the commercialization of salt gourmet (; the construction of a saline Spa pool; the establishment of a reception centre visitors; the construction of a scenario and a grandstand to host shows and implementation of annual programmers of guided visits to the salt Valley, among others.