The technological consultancy based in Barcelona specialized in cost reduction has increased 20 percent its billing and in 2013 plans a 15% growth thanks to the mobility Setesca projects consultancy specializing in the increase in value of the IT departments and projects of improvement of processes in the departments of support, has increased its turnover by 20% compared to 2011. The company, with headquarters in Barcelona, part of that growth in the current economic situation and the need of the market with advanced solutions that allow to maximize the profitability of their systems with solutions that improve competitiveness through new services to customers, and increase productivity by maximizing the value of existing processes.

Setesca closes

Of this increase, a 30% refers to improvement of strategy of information systems projects, while 25% is the deployment of mobile solutions. Another 25% is of business processes and a 20% improvement in technology services outsourcing projects.

The forecast for 2013 is a 15% growth in turnover.

Setesca erupted five years ago in the sector of technological consultancies with an innovative profile. This profile is created on the basis of a model in which the effectiveness of the talent offered to the client are premium and are removed from the price the customer pays the extra-costes derived from internal consultants most excessive costs. In this way, offer very competitive prices to customers and offer very attractive conditions to technicians who develop the service are achieved. All of this just affecting as benefit the service offered to the customer.

The hand of two professionals with extensive experience as directors of organization and information systems of large corporations, Jordi Damià and Jose Manuel Soaz, Setesca offers services aimed at the operational effectiveness of the ICT departments of companies. So the catalogue of services is very broad including from the design and review of management processes, to the design and revision of plans of computer systems.

Setesca counts among its clients companies from different sectors such as large insurers, companies of distribution, industrial services, etc,…

About Setesca-
Setesca was founded in 2007 by two professionals with extensive experience as directors of organization and systems of information and in the implementation process of optimization and increase of competitiveness of large enterprises, Jose Manuel Soaz and Jordi Damia. It soon becomes a new strategic model for consulting firm specializing in cost savings and increased productivity in support departments. The maxim of the new model of consulting is the proximity and flexibility to the needs of the client, was directly involved in the expected results.