How to make a living selling jewelry on Etsy

Etsy is an online market for artisans sell their handmade works. You can make a living selling handmade jewelry on Etsy creating necklaces, bracelets and rings using your own designs quality. To win a decent entry Etsy requires hard work, persistence and time. But if you are willing to dedicate yourself to work hard, they can do from home building a part-time career, or possibly all day, doing what you love.

selling jewelry


Do market research to study current trends in the jewelry industry and fashion. Design jewelry based on your own creativity and ideas. It does take into account when designing your works current trends to help improve total sales.

Sign up for an account on Etsy. Click on the link ” Register “on the top of the main page of Etsy website and follow the steps to complete the registration. Need to provide your name and email address and create a password to complete the registration.

Configure your Etsy shop by clicking on the “Sell” at the top of the home page and then on the “Sell on Etsy”. The page “sell” provides links to many resources on how to sell and market your products on Etsy. Once you have clicked on the link “Sell on Etsy”, follow the steps to configure your store. You’ll have to have the name of your store before selling on Etsy. Also, check out Etsy’s blog to see his “Seller Handbook”, for any additional information you need to sell your products.

Decide on the theme and style that represent your business identity. Choose colors and designs that represent your style of jewelry. Choose a business name and create a logo based on the theme and style that you will use in your Etsy shop.

Add the name of your business through the Small Business Administration online and requests a resale tax number through the website United States Department of Revenue Services. In each state change the steps to register and tax laws for resale. Click the status link and follow the instructions on how postularte. With this number, you can buy jewelry supplies providers at wholesale prices.

Take quality pictures of your merchandise using a digital camera. Since a client can not touch the pieces and see them personally, it’s critical that you provided will the best visual representation of your pieces as possible. Take pictures from several angles, including the back of the piece. Place a coin in the picture as a reference scale. Make your photo styles are in keeping with the theme or style that you develop for your business, using photographs coordinated funds. Use pieces of fabric for backgrounds that emphasize the characteristics of the jewelry.

Write a complete description of your piece. Describe the technique you used to make the jewel, if applicable. Be creative and write an interesting description that includes information such as dimensions in millimeters or inches to large parts, types of materials used and everything included in the purchase.

Research the prices for similar pieces on Etsy and put the price within that range. Avoid prices too low or too high to have the best competitive advantage.

Create a solid reputation through good customer service to keep a positive feedback. Develop a good recommendation from previous customers will help you build trust and that is important for the growth of future customer base.