How to sell on the Internet

The provider

In the U.S., there is no easy way to buy inventory, but to offer to sell these products. This system called dropshipping, and is a wholesale company that will send the products directly to the next, you being the intermediary of purchase. This means that the user will enter his shop, to buy, and the order will reach out to your provider, it is going to send to the client, and you earn the difference between the cost and the price at which made product.

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However, dropshipping is not common in Latin America. Virtually no companies of this type, so that in the end, you must find your own provider. I recommend entering the alibaba site to find Chinese suppliers and import your product to their country. Article can also read how to do business with Chinese products .

How to sell on the Internet : Positioning

The work is not finished installing the site and waiting for sales. Once the site is on the network, you need to start working on the web positioning , ie your website appear top of search engines. For this, you need to do three main sections: optimize your site content with target words, do link exchanges with other sites, and create original content regularly. Little by little the site and will be positioned in search engines like Google or Yahoo.

How to sell on the Internet : Advertising and promotion

Other forms of promotion on the Internet, and beyond are as follows:

– Free market: promote your products to the free market ensures you have more traffic to your site or generate more sales directly from the free market.

– Free ads: OLX sites like free advertising can create products or services offered.

– Adwords: paying a little money, you can put an ad on Google or other sites that use Adsense.

– Banners: You can contact other sites where they talk about the product I was seeing, and quoted a banner.

– Site friends can exchange law to other sites similar to yours, and receive traffic from referrals.

– Email: e-mail if you get your prospect, you can send the product information or offers and generate more sales.

– Royal Mail: If you know the address of your prospect, you can send correspondence to your home or office, promoting her shop.

– Guerrilla Marketing: This is a form of marketing, where you will find creative ways to promote products, such as putting stickers in public places where promoting your site.

How to sell on the Internet : Perseverance

Something very important in Internet business , being persistent. The things do not go overnight, and sales were not born in the overnight. Remember that your normal business, it simply is doing online, what is still a business. A rookie mistake is to think that just by being his place on the Internet, and so will sell. Have perseverance and patience, plus all the work will bear fruit.