How to turn on the button of the self-motivation?

Been without machine of water without coffee and with more work, and even in the worst cases, with one lower salary. The self-motivation “chip” does not work, falls at times. How can the Steering back their equipment and transform them into teams motivated? From being a competent head to a good leader.

Nobody has repaired them. They are those who remain after all. Despite the crisis and the bad economic times. They are the employees who have borne the situation and have managed to keep their jobs. Your scenario, however, is no longer the same as before. They enjoyed rights perceived as acquired. They had fresh water from machine, could be a coffee price narrowly in the Office, and some even expected a pay rise. Everything has disappeared, is the new stage of the “low cost”. And to make matters worse, more work.


But they have to be happy. His boss is responsible for repeat much is it every day. They are out of work, and Xanadu as it is the thing, this is already an achievement. Of this, there is no doubt, but how are you want to maintain the motivation of these employees who have no care at the worst moments? As it stands from outcrops, the auto-motivation button is more than worn out, how to return to turn on?

Fear blocks
“Fear blocks creativity, and of that, many managers do not appear to realize,” says Angeles de la Flor, partner policy emerges, which adds “the mere fact of reminding employees lucky enough to maintain employment, does not generate any motivation.” “The environment generated through blackmail by the mere retention isn’t enough real talent to help achieve the goals”. It is time to take action, and forget to be a competent head to become a good leader. It manages through the transformation that generates the coaching and ensures that the leader and his team are where the company expects.

Although it may seem obvious, many managers are not aware of the burden of negativity posed to remember every day “how badly that is there was the situation” causes the opposite to the desired effect. It is when there is a break. Since the beginning of the employment relationship, both parties, workers and company, expect advances because of his contributions. If there is no bi-directionality, the rules of the game are broken. The worker hopes the company will provide the development needed to shape a coherent career. He is not willing to accept the mere provision of a job as developer of its talent engine. Obviously expected more.

The rule of the three h: Head, Hand and Heart
The employee knows better than anyone the current economic situation, but at the same time, also knows that he has lost his motivation. And even so, its competent Chief, expected results from it. While the task of “keep walking” is task of the worker, who will have to be involved in their development is the steering. “The “h” has never been so sound.” The leader will have to stop thinking (head) in everything you need your partner to give the maximum in his work, in everything what needs it – as a leader – so that it reaches and put to it (hand). You must implement a plan for carrying it out and enjoy while it does. The heart is usually a good companion (heart). That yes, cares the intent because it transmits when we communicate. “Often much easier to lead by rationality following the path marked by the heart”, says flower.

Emerges is a consulting firm specialized in offering services of career transition (Outplacement Executive, group and CoachingWork), leadership, coaching, and diagnosis. Angeles de la Flor, professional with over 17 years of experience holding positions of responsibility in firms of top-level consulting and customer is located at the head of the project. It’s one of the figures with greater relevance in career management. Also, the consultant also provides leadership and coaching services. Emerges it is headquartered in Madrid and given coverage in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and rest of the world.