Tell us where you want to go VictoriaCars search you the car

VictoriaCars launches its new campaign to promote the expansion of its system of reservations to all domestic and international destinations.

From the month of March, VictoriaCars allows the reservation of car rental anywhere in the world. VictoriaCars has carried out an important modification in your booking engine including the possibility of offering a service of Madrid car rental, car hire in Mallorca, Ibiza, Canary Islands… and in all possible destinations in the national panorama.

search you the car

But, in addition, it will also be possible to find the most economical car, through its reservation system, in any part of Europe: car rental in Paris, London, Rome or Berlin rental cars… And if the customer needs, Victoria they can also search for a rental car to the other side of the pond, offering the service of car rental in USA, Cuba, Mexico, Santo Domingo car rental or any destination in South America.

“And it does not stop at these destinations.” The company has reached important agreements with suppliers on the international scene in order to provide a service of cars of economic rent and quality anywhere in the world “-says Teresa Martínez, responsible for communication from Victoria car rental.” “We arrived where the customer wishes to travel, including destinations in recent growth as Egypt, Tunisia…””We are looking for a car rental in Thailand, in the India or China… in short, our new destinations offering is so broad a priori we put the limit where the customer puts it”.

Changes in the booking tool

To be able to support all these new destinations, the company has had to redesign its booking tool. Using the latest in the tourism sector, it has launched a system capable of connecting to VictoriaCars with providers spread around the world in order to find the cheapest possible car within the destination selected by the client.

“The user the only thing you need to do is to write the name of the destination you want to travel.” Booking tool will show you all the destinations that match the text that he has introduced. “Select the correct destination, dates of collection and delivery and, apart from there, the search engine is switched on to show the customer all opportunities sorted by price, the most at least economic.”-Teresa Martinez says.