Santafe shopping centers increased their sales

The two shops in the mark checked 2.1 billion pesos last year. In addition, they generated surplus in box. The Santafe shopping centers,operating in Bogota and Medellin,accumulated last year sales by 2.1 billion pesos.

Of that total, the complex of the capital accumulated last year sales by 1.5 billion pesos and this year aims to increase this amount.With this amount, the Mall becomes the second in the country in billing.


The first,according to the records of the sector,is Unicentro. This was revealed the general manager,Alejandro Arango Mejia,who pointed out that traffic of visits increased 21 percent over 2010.

He stressed a dynamism in transactions with cards debit and credit.Visa reported a growth of 20.2 per cent and Mastercard of 21.9 per cent,when compared with the immediately preceding year.

480 Premises which has the Mall,the current occupancy level is 98 per cent.According to Arango,the mall boasts a surplus of three billion pesos at the end of 2011. Those resources,he said,are achieved thanks to the strategy of generation of income,which has allowed to horizontal ownership take five years without increasing the share of administration.

Thus, by 21 billion pesos annual budget,35 per cent corresponds to quotas of administration and the rest to income from leases of common areas,advertising or parking. “Success, definitely is on the affinity that generates the mall with clients in areas such as the mix of brands present,architecture and the shopping experience,” raised Alejandro Arango.

After a year and a half of operations, Medellin Santafe shopping center is the first in sales and transactions in this capital. Last year the turnover of that Mall reached 690,000 million pesos,as explained Alejandro Arango,giving to know the balance of the operation in both cities.

The results of growth in sales in Medellin are supported, for example,in the report of Visa which said that between May and December last year transactions had a growth of 53.4 percent. In addition,transactions by amount grew 58 percent over 2010, to add 40 billion pesos.

In turn,Master Card and Maestro reported for that period 27.2 per cent in number of transactions and 44.3 per cent in the value of sales.