Sansanos create robot capable of performing basic tasks within the home

LIME is the name of the dynamic robotic device created by the Viña del Mar headquarters of USM students and which contains a greater number of benefits and more affordable to the public. Imagine being in his house and that a robot pass him things you need without having you move or the same device that help you find those lost? Well, this is possible thanks to a prototype developed by a group of students from the headquarters vineyard of the sea of the University technical Federico Santa Maria, who created LIME.

“This idea is born under the search for a robotic device that may be useful in the home. There are several types of robots in the market, most of them more than anything playful, or if they are useful capacity of operations is very limited or their very high cost. The idea was to create a dynamic robotic device that has a greater number of benefits and a more affordable cost,”explains Miguel Gonzalez, one of the creators of this innovative project.

Sansanos create robot

Three months took Miguel Gonzalez, student of Technical University in electronics; Sergi Arancibia and Felipe Caballero, both students of the Technical University in computer science career; Cristina Sandoval and José Vergara of manufacturing and Industrial design engineering; Thumb Valeska de Ingenieria en DuocUC Marketing. “Creating it can be subdivided into design and construction: full design took us about three months and the construction of the first stage which consists of the mobile base, a month and a half approximately, and in these moments is finishing the construction and details of the arm”, details Gonzalez.

But what is this prototype? Its creators explained that it is basically a robotic arm in a mobile base whose main characteristics are that it has two control modes, one automatic that a program handles to LIME, and manual mode where the user can control it. “It should be noted that the manual control is easy to use and intuitive, the conjugation of degrees of freedom (DOF) that holds the arm allow you to generate a lot of movements to manipulate objects of different type, and it is configurable from the software installed on the computer in the user, thanks to this the amount of programs that can run has no limit”, account Miguel.

More salvageable of this innovative creation, which also had an outstanding participation in the ninth version of the fair Tecnoclogica Universitaria Expotec, is that the programs run in the user’s own computer, which reduces the costs of this. “What we want is for people to understand that in addition to being a robot, it is a computer peripheral, or we provide to computers the ability to perform physical tasks in the real world,” says the student.


Depending on the target market that you want to obtain this robotic arm will be solutions that can deliver. “” In the case of the “Kidult´s” market, these people are looking for fun in the products that they purchase, just as a playful contraption. The case of the “Geek’s”, is different since as they enjoy the technology, you can make the most the mobile capabilities of the hardware and software. This robot can help optimize your time performing basic tasks such as searching for objects within the home, move objects, clean the floor of small objects, among others”, says Miguel.

But this project would not have been possible without the support of the Centre for creativity and innovation (CCI) who funded the prototype and the University group of research and innovation (GU2I) who lent their full support to this group of young people, who expect to finish the prototype to validate it and be able to market it in “Crowdsourcing” platform in the foreign market in the near future, mainly USA.UU.