Canary Islands, a small market for sale online

The first club purchase online that arrived in Spain and which began to sell in the Canary Islands, consolidates its presence in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla is not only the first private club founded in Spain, online sales also is the first of those operating in the country began selling in the Canary Islandsa market that very few Internet sales business dare to face given their special regime of taxes and transport costs.

These circumstances make that sending orders to Canary Islands and other places with special regimes as Ceuta or Melilla, are more expensive, making these little attractive markets, not only for which sells, but also for the own purchaser.

market for sale online

  • The problem of shipments to the Canary Islands has to do with taxes on the one hand, and on the other with the DUA or single administrative document.

    Although the invoices to the Canary Islands do not include VAT, once the order is received in the Islands, the authorities apply a State tax of 5%, the IGIC or tax General indirect Canary that gravel deliveries of goods and services, as well as imports. The payment of the DUA, other documents necessary for the fulfilment of the required customs formalities for goods Exchange operations, applied by carriers, thus acting as customs agents and in the end more expensive shipping costs. Same goes for Ceuta and Melilla, which also require the DUA, also apply a substitute tax VAT, the IPSI.

    On this basis, the key to be able to sell in these places, complying with all the special rules that there are for shipments, we earn the trust of consumers and establish a channel of communication, close and direct with them, so they know how can benefit of the same discounts that customers of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and get even greater savings.

    Thus, many partners of in the Canary Islands have agreed to make purchases at the club at the same time and in a single order, since you are interested in making a consumption above the 120 euros, because only pay once for the DUA. In addition, as your VAT, the IGIC, esinferior to Spanish, the total amount of your Bill is even more than in the Peninsula and Balearic.

    Ultimately, this has been the bet since its foundation in 2006: give access to their offerings to all consumers, regardless of the area of shipment of your orders. Year after year, the private club looks to grow its market share and its turnover in Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, where markets last year, and despite the crisis, the average growth of reached 12%, and between 2007 and 2010, and thanks to being the first outlet that it began to operate in these areasthe increase exceeded 200%.