Safeguard Your Company Data from Modern Threats

No doubt you’ve heard about the various high-profile hacks that have recently gripped the world — from the US Democrats to several multinational corporations, even targets that were thought impenetrable turned out to be vulnerable after all to sophisticated hackers.

Don’t feel that bad actors only target prominent institutions; the takeaway should be that it’s important for everybody to ensure that they’re protected from modern threats.

Here are how professional shredders can keep you and your company safe.

Secure Paper Shredding

Every office space has an area where documents accumulated over the years are stored. There could be boxes of old contracts, tax information, business plans, banking information, or countless other things that competitors would love to see.

If rivals can learn inside information about how your business operates, they can use it for sabotage. Perhaps they can undermine ongoing deals you have with clients by offering a better rate. You must not let them come into possession of the papers bearing your sensitive information.

The best professional shredders make disposing of these documents not just secure, but easy. They can drive right to your office and save you from having to transport so much heavy paper.

Look for a professional shredder that has a mobile shredding truck that can do the job right there in front of your office. For larger volumes of documents to be shredded, they can pick them up in their truck and bring them to their facility where they will be securely destroyed. You must protect your company with data destruction of every type, from paper to electronics and beyond.

Destroying Electronic Documents and Unorthodox Objects

Data needs to be destroyed in whatever form it appears; electronics is a big part of that. The digital revolution of the last few decades has meant that a lot of data gets stored electronically.

Your office space is no doubt filled with old electronics containing sensitive information, including everything from hard drives, laptops, desktops, tablets, USBs, flash drives, and more. You can’t simply throw these devices into the garbage because that isn’t secure enough — the microchips on them need to be destroyed in such a way that the data on them cannot be recovered. Professional shredders are capable of destroying sensitive information on all your electronic devices.

Sometimes sensitive data is found on unorthodox objects that contain company information, such as: uniforms with logos; all labelling and packaging; dental moulds; X-rays; ID cards; access cards and more. The way these might reveal sensitive information to competitors may not be immediately apparent, but identity thieves and corporate saboteurs are wily and resourceful. Make sure that you protect your company by hiring professional shredders to destroy all your data.

Taking privacy concerns seriously is part of your due diligence, but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the scary stories in the headlines. All business requires certain precautions; it could mean things like security cameras and alarms, or in this case a pro-active effort to purge private information securely. If you hire a professional shredder today, you will feel confident knowing that your company’s sensitive data will never fall into the wrong hands.