Miscota closes the first phase of its round of financing of EUR 1 million with private capital

The company, founded by two young entrepreneurs and that it focuses on the online sale of pet food products, get in this way access the capital required to undertake its plan of expansion in Europe at a crucial moment. Intelectium, a technology based companies that helps entrepreneurs on issues of strategy and acquisition of funding between Business Angels, private equity Accelerator collaborated in this process, the company has completed in just over 2 months, risk and public capital.

At this stage the first 500,000 euros has been disbursed. The round will be completed in the coming weeks with more private funds and public capital.

private capital

The Miscota company specialized in sale of pet food over the Internet, has closed with the income of 500,000 euros of private capital in the first phase of the funding round, under 1 million euros, which has begun to undertake its international expansion plan. The rest of the capital set for this first round will be completed in the coming weeks with public and private funds.

Access to this investment, that has been achieved in a record time of just over 2 months, is the opportunity for this start-up growth at a time of maximum complexity to access public or private credit in Spain, and will offer service in addition to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Poland and Holland.

Miscota was founded in early 2012 by Albert Costa and Xiaolei Jin, both of 23 years with extensive experience in the world of ecommerce and online businesses, and from the outset have counted with the support of major brands and wholesalers of food and accessories for pets that have been on the Internet the ideal channel to extend their sales and access to a greater number of clients.

In June, just six months later, Miscota has already reached sales by more than 50,000 euros per month, and plans to close this year with a turnover of more than one million and a half euros, a record if you consider that this objective has been reached without making virtually no investment in online marketing. This group of entrepreneurs have managed in a very short time position as the number 1 web of Spain of its category, according to the Alexa ranking.

To operate efficiently, the company has a solid structure made up of a store of 3,000 m2, more than 5,500 references and a logistics provider who guarantees delivery within 24 hours of the majority of products. The company is living in Mataró (Barcelona).

Miscota is a spin-off of the Digital Road firm, specializing in e-commerce and technology consulting, application development and online marketing to companies that want to implement on the Internet and that has allow founders to a product that has convinced investors of their growth potential and strategic plan.

The fate of contributions achieved in this round of funding will be the consolidation of a team of first level, investment in the acquisition of new customers through online marketing and the company’s commercial expansion to European markets. Looking at the beginning of the coming year, the company already arises the realization of a new round of funding to continue growing through the launch of two new vertical.

In the first phase have been involved several business angels private through the intermediation of Intelectium, a Accelerator start-ups that has already handled more than EUR 40 million of public and private financing to companies such as VirtualSharp, Jukebox, Minube or Abiquo, among others.

Among the shareholders, emphasizes the participation of David Martin, CEO of Tradeinn.com, a company selling material sports on-line which recorded sales of € 11 M in 2011 at the global level.

About Digital Road
Digital Road is a company founded in Barcelona in 2010 by two young entrepreneurs of 21 years. Currently, it has a staff of 12 people, and provides billing about one million euros in 2011. Digital Road is dedicated to develop online business, mainly of electronic commerce, and to offer consulting services to other companies.