Group i68 continue its process of expansion and reviews of turkey

The management software company n ERP is still committed to the internationalisation n based its strategy in its solution Izaro APS for planning the producible n n Group i68, compa to specialized solutions inform the management n business policies, has signed an agreement with the Turkish company ACD, manufacturer of terminals and software collection of are m ales machine.

Turkish market

ACD is a company with a strong specialisation n t technique and knowledge of the industrial market. Both companies have already integrated their software solutions for planning n output n finite capacity, offering a solution additional n that allows you to totally control the producci n. Group i68 is immersed in a process of internationalisation n with the est accessing pa ses in growth, which have a manufacturing industry mainly discreet n and a great n number of n. automotive component manufacturers In the past to you has strengthened its presence with partners in markets de Latinoam rica, m xico, Per, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil, adding as these markets that already features a previously in Portugal and Poland.

Adem s of Izaro APS, the Turkish company ACD also distribute Izaro EPM to the planning of projects n. This solution is suitable in markets where each product or service is unique, but may have similar characteristics with others. Turkey is one of the twenty pa ses with more manufacturing n de autom viles, creating a large industry around it. Turkey always has been in our minds since we did the first n. internationalisation plan Din is a market with a strong presence in the automotive sector, very mico and is growing. First contact with ACD did it at the fair Hannover CEBIT makes two to you, and we have been cultivating this relationship n since then. We already have much of the advance work and this collaboration n already begins to be profitable, having made the first sale recently said Fernando Lorente, Director Gerente de Grupo i68.