Retirement landscape is changing rapidly

Retirement landscape is changing rapidly. Financial risk, volatility in the markets, and legislative and regulatory changes make it extremely difficult for companies develop stowed retirement programs to their business goals and optimize results for employers and employees.


Our consultants help you ensure that your retirement programs are secure, equitable and sustainable. Thousands of companies and organizations we trust in this area, because we are a leader internationally recognized in all aspects of the management of pension plans. Each of Aon Hewitt retirement services is recognized as the best in its class and our retirement specialists will help you develop the best strategy to effectively manage your pension plans.

We offer the following services:

Advice in the design of systems combining data, comparative analysis, tools and competence for you help in designing the plan best suited to your business and your employees. We will analyze your plan, will assess the consequences of financial and benefits of various solutions and consider new concepts and approaches so that you can design your plan in a global perspective.

Actuarial services who study the present and the future for the stowage of your options of financing and accounting strategies with your business objectives. We are among the first three actuarial firms in virtually all key countries. Our actuaries have experience – supported by advanced tools – to manage risks, help you take control of the situation and meet the most demanding challenges.

Management services global risks taking into account both sides of your balance of pension for you help to understand and determine what level of risk will allow you to obtain the best return on your investment. We offer a full risk management with innovative solutions in terms of assets and liabilities, leading to effective strategies for managing risks of your pension plan.

Consulting services in defined contribution plans that analyse the objectives and the workforce of your business for you help achieve your objectives of planning for retirement with a full range of services and solutions defined contribution. Our comprehensive approach will help you reduce the risk, to reduce uncertainty and to maximize the value offered to employees.

Advice in investment that are using our techniques of modelling and monitoring of the investments at the leading edge of the market to help meet you your fiduciary responsibilities and to limit costs while managing the risks.

Legal advice to help you understand the legal/regulatory requirements with an impact on your business and find the balance between commercial considerations and legal risks.

Services of administration and communication for defined contribution and defined benefit plans, including the maintenance of records, compliance services and services to participants to help them to understand your program – by paper, electronic (Web) and call centre solutions. Our communications are seen received more awards than all our competitors combined.