Whether your retirement savings are running out or you just want a little extra cash, options to earn money for retirees are more flexible than before. So leaving aside the obvious choices of part-time retail or office work, and considers different solutions for your need of money, some of which do not require you scroll or you have to set an alarm clock to wake up.

Become a consultant
Were you considered an expert in your area before you retire? If this is the case, your extensive knowledge could be a valuable asset. Organizations look to consultants when required specialized skills and an objective perspective, especially for short-term projects and high level. The best way to get a job as a consultant is through the contacts you’ve made in your career. Even if people are not hiring at the time, you may know someone who does … and I recommend.


Works independently
You’ll find a wide range of opportunities in freelance sites like Elance published, Guru and PeoplePerHour.com. The job categories used in these sites are similar and include administrative, Writing / Translation, design, legal, web / IT, sales / marketing and accounting / finance. After creating a profile provider detailing your experience, you can submit project proposals submitted by employers, who will then select a provider. Once you hire and pay for a project, the site will deduct a service fee average between 6% to 9%.
Teacher or tutor
Colleges, universities and other organizations need instructors for courses in adult education. Mostly, no certification or credentials are needed to teach these classes without credit. All you need is experience and desire to share your wealth of knowledge. Instructors are also needed in the districts of parks, arts centers and music schools. If you’re a math whiz, English or other subjects, Contact with local schools or learning centers to inquire about tutorials.

Service Home / Garden
Are you handy around the house or yard? The skills developed during decades of projects at home can help you earn money bonus. To offer your services, put an ad in the local newspaper or paste a brochure on a bulletin news community. You can also place ads online through websites like Craigslist and ServiceMagic. Although it is not the safest way to do it. If you use a job online, read the tips on security warnings and then proceed with caution.

Sell ​​your art
Whether it is your eternal hobby or just discovered that you have talent, you could become a source of extra money. Sell ​​your paintings, photographs or other creations either locally or online. Web sites such as iStockphoto and Fotolia provide a place for photographers and illustrators to sell their work. To sell paintings, drawings or other digital work not register in a local art fair or enlístalos in “Direct from the Artist” section of eBay. Who knows? The artist in you could help pay the bills.