Resounding success of participation at the Remences Net, ecological initiative of cicli online shop

More than 1500 people attended the Remences Net initiative during the March ‘cyclist’ 13 of may the past Remences Terra, much more than the 1,200 had provided for the Organization as a challenge this year the ecological initiative of cycling online shop, aims to educate cyclists not launch debris during their usual marches. The project transports to other large marches of the panorama national, just as it was done last year in bearded .

The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness to the cyclist that respects the environment by which circulates, that save waste during the journey, as well as the packaging of energy bars and empty gels, among others, to get rid of them on arrival. It seems an easy challenge but it is not the case; It is the most common complaint of participants in marches cyclists. As a result, from Retto decided to remedy this initiative that rewards with material of high range to those who are committed and respect the environment.

Resounding success

From point, “more than 50% of the marchers supported us delivering their bags with waste accumulated during the March.” “Besides many of them, experts and participants of previous years, already approached direct bag in hand with the sole aim of educate all cyclists of the need to respect the environment where circulate our bikes keeping them clean”., cycling shop, has managed to involve in the project to major brands such as North wave, Spink, Endure, Shimano or Met; also to the organizers of the main marches and thousands of cyclists who want to preserve and see the incredible places that leave clean.

We believe that this project, its brand, which represents, was in us much before that we expose. It grew slowly until that he left alone only. It has been the combination of our profession, the enthusiasm for all the emotions one feels to practice some sport and by the desire to live life at another pace, with some adventure, some insanity and on a bike.

Retto was born why we love to practice our dreams, we enjoy taking care of them and dedicating them the time they need.

We know the environment perfectly and we have been and we are users, we know how to do things, what service must offer. The product and who will use must be the protagonists. Our goal is that you’re happy with what you’ve purchased and enjoy to the fullest, practice your sport with greater security, better comfort while your mind only focuses in sweat, improve yourself, in this placentero… make pain your personal rettos you keep alive.