Renewal of Car Insurance Online vs. Offline – Reliance General Insurance

These days any work done without the Internet seems quite cumbersome. But that does not mean it will completely go out of fashion. After all, when new technologies fail, you always go back to the old, conventional way. A conventional pathway to formal work always saves the day.

But truth be told, we cannot do without the Internet. However, there are always exceptions. There are still people out there who prefer the well-treaded path to official matters. This is why both the ways to work out official matters have somewhat equal weight.

Reliance General Insurance, when it comes to car insurance, has kept both ways alive and well. Surely, the ethereal form of transaction is catchier because it involves almost no paperwork. But the online counterpart of Reliance General Insurance has gained ground to a great extent.

Now after the car insurance is bought and one or two years are gone depending on the policy period, you have to stir up the renewal process to avoid the buy-all-over-again problem. Again, there are two ways to do so.

car insurance online

The Offline Section

Run around with files filled with official documents. They will contain your whereabouts, your private details, your monthly income, tax payment slip, your car’s papers, etc. Make sure you do not lose a single paper out of all these. Else, you will be in trouble. So, order up your documents before you head towards your nearest insurance branch.

The officials will be more than glad, however, to help you renew car insurance plan. You might have to sign a few papers here and there, run back and forth between your home and the insurance office before things settle. After a few days, the company will inform you of the successful transaction.

The downside of this method is that you will have to keep aside a huge amount of time to do the physical running. This is so hard to do given the workload we have.

Obviously, we would want to check out the brighter side, i.e. the online version of car insurance renewal.

The Online Section

All boils down to a few clicks. No need for paperwork at all – that is how Reliance works. All you have to do is enter your policy number, date of expiry of the same, names and all. Pay via the internet banking, anywhere where you have access to the internet and shortly the insurance plan will be renewed.

Not much of time is spent on renewing the insurance online.

Reliance also allows you to shift from an old plan to a new one during the renewal process. It is up to you to make the choice. You are also welcome to forge new connections with Reliance General Insurance, and this can also happen during the same old renewal of the plan.

Whatever maybe your choice, recommended you should find means to get renewal done online. Time is precious, ladies and gentlemen. If you spend too much of it trying to put things in order while your validity period calls it quits, think of what a waste that would be!