The crisis transformed the relationships work

The level of demand is increasingly high, employers ask their employees more for less, there is no reward to the effort and commitment… They are relations that the crisis is leaving. Return to the situation of 30 years ago. In this scenario, is it possible that there are “emotionally engaged companies”?

Work more for less, with more pressure, managers, suppliers, prices adjusted to the maximum, unrewarded efforts…As stands from emerges, consulting firm specialized in offering services of relocation, coaching and development, the company due to the crisis and industrial relations are taking shape in 30 years. This is a critical stage, obviously need the effort and dedication by employees and businesses. However, is reaching a situation in which the empleado-empleador relationship has strained and stands at levels that, in theory, were overtaken.

relationships work

Equals higher productivity environment
Within this context, and in contrast to the ideal professional preferences remain the same. The candidates want to work in an environment that enables them to develop, which may be wrong to improve, bring your talent, offer their experience, etc. Companies in which the environment is relaxed and where there are no fears. The reason is very clear: these capacity increases, your creativity is increased and, ultimately, the employee is more productive.

There are many studies that support the fact that, under no pressure or blackmail, gives as much as a favourable context. For that reason, from flourishes highlights how companies that are “emotionally committed”, that since the consultant have called EEC, improve the quality of its labour relations and, therefore, increase your productivity.

Emotionally committed companies
The points that would define “emotionally engaged companies” would be:

• Companies with a natural maturation which “truth” employees working in a pleasant environment and that this would be the basis for increasing business efficiency.
• Companies whose general framework would be established a code of ethics, where values are shared by all its members.
• Companies whose first objective is to gain the loyalty of the templates and that understand that customer loyalty is a product of the above.
• Companies where there is individual communication, where you hear to understand the needs of the people and where there is a real interest in the contributions that do.
• Companies that understand that, sometimes, it is not possible to achieve everything that we seek, it is more, where accept is that it may not be in accordance with the approaches of the address.

“It seems that in the era of communications, Internet, social networks, not no queda is space for emotions.” However, although we sometimes like robots in our jobs, the emotions are our essence. The person is a whole and, in those cases where we have people working on our computers, we have to understand that a flow there’s continued their emotions (of your personal world to professional and vice versa) “, says angels of flower, Coach and partner Director of flourishes, to which he adds when we take this reality we can transform our businesses, become really efficient centres to obtain maximum personal and professional development of workers.

About emerges
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