How to reduce expenses if I am self

The self-employed are those who decide to start their own business or work on their own and, therefore, must take a very careful management to organize expenses and to know how much they charge on net. The personal income and expenses related to the work that plays are some of the fixed costs that often have freelance workers but not the only for this reason in here will give you a few tips to help namely how to reduce expenses if you are autonomous so we can go more relaxed end of each month.


To make this balance sheet, the first thing you have to do is write down all the expenses you had last year and that are related to your work life, of course. Then, list the income you got and thus data can have some approximate numbers of the New Year. As stated by the name, this will be a “budget” and, as such, may include a margin of error but approximately can keep records on your work life.

There are some typical costs in the world of offices that currently can be eliminated by the development of new technologies. For example, stop buying both paper and opt for online documents using applications like Drop box or Google Drive, for example. This simple change will reduce your spending on paper printer ink and pens that although it may seem silly, it is an expense that can be reduced and annually your budget will notice.

Once already have all the data collected it is time to begin to value those expenses have fixed and you can reduce or eliminate. For example, if you are freelance and work on the Internet you can start thinking if really need to rent an office or if you can work directly from home. Rental expense is high and monthly expense that you can avoid and your economy will notice very visibly. In case you work as business or have regular meetings with customers, you can choose to rent meeting rooms for hours and thus avoid being at a bar that is unprofessional.

But if working from home is not going with you an option that increasingly gathers more followers is the co working. That is, different freelance come together to rent an office together and you have the right to use a computer a desk Internet, meeting rooms and so on. This type of office is much cheaper for self and gets to have a workplace away from home without having to invest large amounts of money.

It should also avoid falling into habits that take up a lot of money. The same goes for the lunch. If your job requires you to stay in the office to eat avoid going every day menu bar or restaurant and prepared a Tupperware at home well you get save a significant amount of money each month and certainly eat much more healthily. These small changes in habits will help you spend less and thus to save on your expenses as an independent.

The outsourcing is a perfect way to derive some departments of your company to other specialized companies or hiring other autonomous who are experts on the subject. The services most often outsource are the customer the HR, distribution, and so on.

Finally, we will give you some tips that will help you have perfect control your expenses as a freelance: ten different bank accounts. Monthly aside the taxes you have to pay fee autonomous, VAT, income tax, etc. in your professional account, here also enters all the money you spend on your job travel expenses, receipts, office, etc. and in another account, separating the money is for you, for your personal expenses and your daily life.

A common misconception among the self is to be mixed in the same account on the same money and therefore never know exactly what money accounts for you making it easier to reach end of the month in the red. To avoid this situation, the secret is clear having two accounts, one professional and other personal and never mix. You will see how you start to get your much clearer numbers. You can also keep abreast of the grants autonomous they may have in your country. It is a good way to take advantage of some benefits for this group, which can also help reduce costs.