5 reasons to buy a floor before end of year

The series of tax advantages that end with the entry of the new year can lead to the decision to advance the home purchase before the end of 2012. From yaencontre stand out are the main reasons why this year, it may be a good year to buy a flat according to the latest published data, last month of October there was a rebound in the sale of property. Operations grew, according to the General Council of notaries, up 34 percent. These data relate to the disappearance for 2013, the tax advantages present when purchasing a home.

However, are other voices that point to the arrival of the ‘bad Bank’ will make the price of the flats continue going down, so it is best to wait until this entity is fully operational. From yaencontre, real estate portal, highlights the five main reasons to buy an apartment before the end of the year.

5 reasons to buy a floor before end of year

The VAT hike in 2013
With the rise of the super-reduced rate of 4% VAT to the reduced VAT of 10% as from 2013, the price of housing is more expensive. Therefore, if there is an intention to buy and has been located in a building that meets the desired conditions, is convenient to decide and buy it before the end of the year because if not, its price will rise.

Disappearance of the tax
One of the main incentives when buying a flat, disappears from 1 January 2013. Until now the purchase of principal residence is fiscally bonus with a gradient of up to 15% of a maximum of EUR 9.040 (which implies a maximum of EUR 1,356 deduction) in the tax on the income of physical persons (IRPF).

50% On capital gains exemption
Similarly, since May and until end of year is current call 50% of the capital gains exemption. I.e., until December 31, 2012, if buying a home (for regular use, rental or for earmarked an economic activity) and sold from 2013 for an amount exceeding the purchase, 50% of the obtained profit is exempt from the tax on the increase of value of land of urban nature (goodwill). It’s another good reason that can encourage the purchase before the end of the year.

Discounts on the floors of the banks before the bad Bank to operate at 100 %
Many financial institutions are doing discounts of up to 60% on their floors, faced with the need to clean their balance sheets of real-estate assets until the ‘bad Bank’ to operate a full mode.

Slow fall of prices
While forecasts suggest that with Sareb (‘bad Bank’) prices go down, must be taken into account that this fall will be very slow and agonizing. This premise is based on the hypothesis that the entity will buy toxic assets from banks to a favorable price for the seller.

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