The spot made by Nicolás Gómez Acosta, PYMEGLOBAL TV, and Leonardo de Armas, producer of weapons Films, is a living representation of some of the situations that most fear both SMEs and self-employed people with problems caused by the current economic crisis.

Madrid, 4 May 2011.-There are many small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed who feel unprotected before the difficulties that are being drawn in the current economic context, they hinder its growth or, even, to prevent their survival as a solvent business.

It is a real fact

To represent such situations and raise awareness among society the real problem that exists, PYMEGLOBAL TV and of weapons Films have decided to go one step further and come up with a spot that is given to know the issue, trying to understand SMEs and self-employed and, thus, support them by providing a variety of means of great value through which can give to know and obtain new customers. Business PYMEGLOBALTV focuses mainly on offer tools to SMEs and self-employed workers not only to give is known among its public objective and potential, but also to grow, expand its market share and thus become strong companies.

The spot entitled is a real event? raised in dramatic dream form one of the most feared scenarios SMEs and self-employed in Spain. Deal with all payments and debts that have been generating and accumulating by the bad economic situation, trim subsidies and grants, and finally, by the decrease in Bank loans.


The pymeglobal channel is a TV channel on the Internet through which to publicize and disseminate the services and/or products of self-employed and SMEs in Spanish language and around the world. This has created a TV channel in continuous parrrila and other à la carte where we issue the videos each one of the companies. If they do not have corporate video we will do it. In addition, channel pymeglobal includes contents of legislatively for all companies, such as interviews with business, discussions, training, live events, information with regard to the internationalization of enterprises, a place where to share new projects looking for funding and investors, and everything that is of interest to businesses.