How to get more leads in real estate sales

The lead capture in the current real estate market will be more work than it has been in the past. Fortunately, the Internet has made the real estate marketing easier and has given greater reach. Most people these days begin your search for real estate on the internet, simply because they can do research without committing to a real estate agent. By using this fact and some old proven methods, a greater number of potential customers is obtained. Not all potential customers will be viable, but get all you can and work percentages is what this is all about.

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Build your own website with a goal of capturing leads. Besides having a part of the website of your company, you should have your own page. It must contain the name of your company, but can be totally separate from them. (Get approval from your broker first). If you’re not able to create a website, there are many companies that specialize in real estate websites and can configure it to your specifications and needs. Many people who visit your site will want more information on a property or area and you surrender your data in the capture of customers so you can contact them. This area works best if you offer the option to contact them by mail or by phone. Some people do not like to be called.


Do advertising in a real estate magazine that is distributed throughout the United States. These publications also have larger areas capture customers in the pages of the individual advertisers. They send you the customer data emailed directly to you. In a slow market you need to stress yourself and your experience more than the properties you have for sale. Let people know if you specialize in first time buyers, property investment or foreclosure and properties of short sale.
Use slow time to continue your education. This is a good time to get a designation in an area of real estate for which you have a special interest or help you in the current market. Many times you can pick up potential clients through referrals in seminaries and schools. You can also start advertising your appointment, ensuring that people know what you’re doing.

Go visit the owners who have put their property up for sale themselves. Many people today are forced to sell their homes due to the economy. Many of these people do not know how to market their homes or even know what their homes are worth really. Offers help without trying to get your listing. In return, ask them to refer you to people who are not interested in your home. May end up finding too hard to sell the property for themselves and give you the list. Even if they do not certainly end up with some potential customers.

Join community groups. Get involved in your community by joining the local Kiwanis Club and other professional groups. Distribute your cards and ask for references. Introduce yourself as a professional with the skills to do the job properly.

Know your market well. Be the realtor with the most knowledge in your area, including any growth you may happen soon. Know the statistics of how the market is behaving and why. If you are the better you will become known and clients will find you, so you’re always working with someone.