Starting a puppet theater company

Start a puppet theater company is a great way to spread a message or express your creativity. With a portable theater, your puppet theater company can act in a church or birthday children, community events and schools.



Determine who your audience is, what is the message of your works with puppets and will realize what kind of works. A general plan can guide you to choose the type of puppets that you will buy and how will design your theater.

puppet theater


Buy puppets and manufactured. Search generic puppets to be able to disguise in different ways. As your budget and experience grow, you can make your own puppets or marionettes add custom tailored.


Advertise in the local newspaper, universities and drama clubs to find actors and producers. You need technicians who handle accessories, lights and sounds and someone to take care of puppetry.


Create a financial plan. If your group is nonprofit, consider raising funds through charitable activities such as sales or selling items to raise funds. You can also allow individuals or groups adopt a puppet.


Find a place for auditions and rehearsals , either in someone’s home or in a community center in the town. Start with easy steps comedy to adapt to working together. Search works and steps comedy puppet book as “The Complete Book of Puppetry” (“The Complete Book of puppetry”) of George Latshaw.


Design and build a portable theater. It may be made of polyvinyl chloride tubing or plywood and curtains. Consider the weight and portability of the theater. You probably want to include shelves and openings for the speakers and lights. Choose the background fabric. You can use as curtains or a scene painted background.


Set objectives and performance dates in your group should focus. Call the centers community, local schools and churches. Advertise your services for birthday parties and events.