RE/MAX one and its efficient days of public speaking training

The real estate RE/MAX one presents a new training course Buenos Aires, Argentina – to little more than two years of having opened its doors to the real estate market in Buenos Aires, RE/MAX one continues to talk about. He not only moved to a new Office with great amenities for your staff but that it also premiered a new web site that is visited by hundreds of people daily.

Now he is facing a project on training courses with the consulting firm Axon Training, that specializes in providing business training solutions and has worked with companies such as Makro, Roggio, Staples Argentina and Movistar, among others. Now, it has added to RE/MAX one to the list of companies with which it has worked.

public speaking training

The training course called “Efficient workshops of oratory”, has a total duration of 12 hours of training and be carried out in the room of trainings for the new Office of RE/MAX one on Santa Fe Avenue, Acassuso. As you can see, the northern region’s largest real estate has as main objective, apart from satisfaction full of customers, that their agents are able to train in all those areas that transformed them into first level professionals that characterize the RE/MAX network.

Among the topics to be discussed in the course of training aimed at oratory led conducted by the consulting firm Axon Training are the following: persuasion, the use of technical words in a presentation structures, communication, eloquence and the use of tools in it, development of the speech and its contents, oratorio fear, and non-verbal language, among other topics.

RE/MAX one proves once again that its agents, in addition to the customers satisfaction, is the pillar of the company.

About RE/MAX one: with more than 30 agents and a permanent staff of 6 people, became more prosperous Northern real estate office. Only 2 years of its inauguration, RE/MAX one uses the latest technology to continue the competition taking a customer satisfied as a main motivation.