How to provide delivery service to expand your business and sell more

This is a typical concern entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business by offering home delivery to customers. Here I share everything you need to know about this important value-added steps to implement it. Why Consider home delivery? The first thing to be clear is that customers today are very different than they were 10 years ago . This is the age of technology and the Internet, where everything is fast and time is getting shorter.


Today, customers gain added value, creativity and ever more exclusive services . The times when the customer came to our patient negotiations are becoming more distant and now it’s time to go to the client and conquer it. The home delivery of these services represent a great value for our modern customers. Whatever the role of your business: sale of food, computer supplies, auto cleaning, tutoring, etc..

Your customers will be delighted to offer them serve them in the door of his home and this service will help you substantially improve your sales. Have you ever wondered how you can improve your business with this service? Sure you will find many creative ideas to explode. What considerations should be to implement a strategy for home delivery? The advantages are many and of course the service implementation must be carefully planned strategy to produce the desired results and are not only become a cost to business.

The service address must be a sales tool. You should keep in mind that the main objective is to increase sales at a rate sufficient to cover the costs of implementing the service at home. It would make no sense to increase sales by 15% if the same percentage as you spend on shipping costs.

The service should aim to save customers time. One of the keys to success for home delivery is speed. A valued customer service especially if this is a service that saves time, distance and gasoline. A key detail for this phone is to tell your client as clearly as possible how long you can fulfill your order to avoid creating false expectations.

It starts small. In order to comply with paragraph 2., your strategy should ensure that the times are achievable and for that you only start covering your area or surrounding areas and go on expanding as you have control of logistics and cost .

In planning must take into account all factors. The logistics of shipping will be affected by different factors: the traffic, the route, the pilot, the fragility of the product, the vulnerability of the area, climate, time, etc. . All these factors must be carefully considered when scheduling shipments, times and fees (if applicable).

The delivery service should ideally be “free.” As a good entrepreneur should know that “free” does not exist. For a merchant everything, absolutely everything is charged, directly or indirectly. Usually, the services of home delivery are offered as free for the client does not suffer as a direct increase in the price. However, it is very common for prices of products for shipment to consider the charge door and indirectly in the price or as an alternative strategy to the client can request a minimum purchase to provide the service knowing that this minimum and cover the shipping costs.

Adjust your time according to the amount of orders. Depending on your business and the success you have to time to offer home delivery, you must set the delivery time by weighting the number of orders against your ability to deliver. In simpler words, if you have more orders is excellent but should offer longer delivery times.

Make a travel log. The controls are important to accurately measure the costs of such services. Since the beginning made ​​a log to determine the factors that affect travel: departure and return fuel per week or per day, single or multiple deliveries, destination and delivery schedule, product delivered (price), and so on. This control can take you on a paper form, on a blackboard or in a excel sheet but the important thing is to know the behavior of your market and your ability to respond to it.