The requirements for a property management company

The real estate investors use the help of property management companies to oversee the financial aspects involved in real estate investment management. Establish systems for collecting rent, negotiate leases with tenants and ensure that the properties of investment meet the standards of health, safety and building codes. In essence, these companies work on behalf of the owners. Start a property management company involves establishing business relationships with the owners of the property investment and qualify state and federal to start the business.

property management company


A property management company is required to maintain a broker’s license in the state where you plan to do business. This license allows the company to list the properties for rent and negotiate the lease. The requirements for a broker license are set by the states, which usually include passing an exam and have a certain amount of work experience in real estate sales. Besides having a broker license, the owner of a management company property should obtain any other license business that are required by your county and state. Also, each state maintains its own requirements as to the type of state license is required to operate a property management company.


Company structure

The determination of a business structure is an important decision involved with starting any business. Individual companies are usually established by individual business owners intending to work as autonomous individuals. For example, a single owner with a broker license can establish a property management company and working as a property manager for owners of real estate.

Legal Requirements

There are legal requirements involved in establishing each type of business, such as business registration with the considerations state and prosecutors. Business associations and companies are often required to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number or EIN (for its acronym in English) with the Internal Revenue Service, which is a requirement for businesses that have employees. Furthermore, regardless of the corporate structure, the company must operate under its legal name or register a fictitious name or the name of “doing business” with Secretary of State.

Client / owner relationship

Companies acquire property management business development of trade relations with the owners. The property managers can not manage the property without working on behalf of the owners. In essence, a major concern involved with starting a business of property management is to develop and expand the customer base of the company. On the other hand, property management companies may invest and manage their own properties. The property managers deal directly with the owners and are responsible for its management, led by property owners. Therefore, the property manager or management company property must have an understanding of the goals and objectives of the owners of the properties.