As starting a property development company

The property development companies working to provide housing and commercial space business through new construction and renovation of existing housing. You can establish your own property management company to provide construction services or assessments for lending companies or home buyers and you can get a good life for your efforts. The property development companies benefit individuals and businesses. Follow these steps to set up your development company properties.

property development


Learn about property development. Attend your local community college or school of real estate for seminars, conferences and classes that will educate on real estate, business and management issues related to prepare to operate your property development company.


Create a business proposal for the first three to five years of operations of your business property development. Details the startup costs for equipment, licenses, rights, permissions and employees. Create a list of how much your company will have to make sales to cover the costs of commissioning and profit.



If you need capital for your business, apply for commercial loans to financial institutions offering low rate loans, such as credit unions interest. If you need more startup capital, business loan requests and grants through the Small Business Administration and the government.


Decide what services property development You will provide your consumers, such as installation of ceilings and installation or repair of heating. Start with two or three services. Ultimately, add more services to increasing your clientele.


Hire employees. All employees must be determined, hard working, motivated and easy to handle equipment. Tasks include phone calls, appointments confirmation estimates, inventory control management and conducting daily routines planned work. Hire at least one office manager and two employees to help you start building your property development company. An employee must be full time and the rest should be part time. The office manager should be responsible for completing assessments and bills, the weekly opening and / or closing, review of procedures, policies and requirements for employees. The owner of the property development company should be responsible for payroll, overnight deposits, the hiring, training and supervision of the account of each client with the property development company.


Hire a certified public accountant  to oversee all finance, including incoming, outgoing, accounts receivable and payroll. The CPA shall prepare detailed lists monthly tax deductions, including fuel bills, supplies, works and utilities. The CPA should prepare your annual tax return economic activities. Visit the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to find a CPA in your local area.

Put a price on your services. To set the price of your services, you must calculate the cost of inputs, transportation, labor, and employees. Make sure your prices are competitive. The establishment of the prices with 10 percent lower than those of your competitors is a good way to create business for your new property development company.