USM successfully completes its programme of social scholarships

More than sixty people were trained in different areas, within the framework of the Plan of Corporate Social responsibility that develops the University. More than sixty people culminated successfully social scholarship which forms part of the Plan’s liability Social Enterprise of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, corresponding to 2012 and was held in conjunction with OTIC SOFOFA, school drivers El Conquistador and the Training Institute of Asiva.

The program, which was conducted in the months of November and December in the cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, contemplated the driving courses, attended by 13 people, welding (15 people), Administrative Assistant (20 people), and Digital literacy (15 people).programme of social scholarships

Román Toloza, director of human resources of the USM, said that “this institution is essential to be able to make a contribution to society. “We have a role to fulfill all citizens and for us as institution is a true pride conclude successfully with this program that allows us to improve the employability of all citizens in the region.”

On the other hand, Víctor Oyaneder, Manager of the Occupational Training Institute from Asiva, stressed that “we must recognize the efforts of those who participated in the various courses, of those who organized them, because it shows that there is interest and willingness to develop such initiatives, which allow us to fulfill the task of shorten differences, offering more opportunities”.

Esperanza Paullets, the Assistant administrative staff computer basics course student, argued that “this program means a great opportunity and also a support. reporting us benefits both in the workplace and personal They believed in us and we learned from their knowledge, which will undoubtedly enable us to keep improving our quality of life.”

They also participated in this initiative, Guido Almagia, Director Sede José Miguel Carrera; Claudio Troncoso, Director-General of technical assistance; Cecilia Reyes, Director of the Department of computer science; Kathia Godoy, agent Regional vineyard of the sea OTIC SOFOFA and Patricia Sepúlveda, Manager School of drivers the conqueror.