Profiles of a Successful Online Seller

Over the years, as I have become online acquaintances with many successful online sellers, I have noticed several common qualities of these people. I have noted a few of these important attributes. They can be learned and easily adapted, so you can turn your part-time selling hobby into a serious money-making business online. Today, we will focus briefly about profiles of a successful online seller.

Serious and successful online sellers do the following:

1.) They treat their online listings like a business. This means instead of just a part-time fun mad money endeavor there is some thought and planning put into each listing.

It means understanding how your investment and fees take a chunk out of your overall gain and how to avoid pitfalls. They also take their customer service seriously, shipping quickly, answering all correspondence politely, and following up with customers.

Online Seller

2.) They find a niche and build on their expertise. A niche is a selling topic in which you are familiar or want to learn about then specialize in. There are thousands of categories on eBay. There is no way one person can be an expert in all of them, and it is futile to be a little educated in several selling topics since the competition can be fierce.

The successful eBay sellers establish themselves as experts, and their knowledge is reflected in how their listings are written, the information on their About Me page, and how they respond to requests for additional information.

They will willingly share their vast knowledge with interested collectors, or buyers. They also will be open with folks who may never make a purchase. They are building a reputation in their niche.

3.) They are great communicators. They have learned how to write thorough listings and describe their products completely. They know how to capitalize on the assets but not neglecting the faults of each item. They take time to be excited about the product and convey that excitement through great write-ups.

They are thoughtful and have decided ahead of time what their selling and shipping policies will be. They respond to questions from buyers promptly, with complete and courteous answers no matter how ludicrous the question. The email follow-up at the sale and maintains that communication until the transaction is complete.

The buyer has confidence in the seller’s availability. They will send a follow up email politely reminding their buyers of their quality of service and address any concerns. This eventually gets them good feedback since the buyer is reminded of the transaction a couple of weeks later. This is usually automated.

4.) They are entrepreneurs and learn by doing. Successful online sellers don’t give up easily. They look at each “failure” as a learning and growth opportunity. When a transaction doesn’t go as expected, it will take time to research and gain the knowledge to do things differently the next time for better results.

They learn from their mistakes. And even when things are going well, they are always trying to figure out how to make the business better through asking questions, studying other seller’s successes and researching their selling niche.

Turning your selling hobby into a successful online business can be done. Think about it, you already have some passion for the things you buy online or sell.

You probably know something about a hobby that others are also interested in. Why not turn that passion into money? Do some research and find that potential money-making niche on the internet with either eBay or Amazon. We sell valuable children’s books. It’s a great way to get into the selling world and make money as you go.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article – profiles of a successful online seller. Hopefully, you read and enjoy! Have a good day!