Profile of Secretariat becomes

The profession has changed a lot. New skills and knowledge that leave behind the “cliches” associated with the profession will demand. Profile goes to a candidate with experience in business management calls, keep the schedule, Yes, but now much more. The secretariats have been transformed in recent years at the same pace that have done business and the demand of the market. As it stands from Secretary Plus Training, the profile of the current Secretariat has little to do with the image esteriotipada that has to be him. Out today are new functions that require new knowledge. However, there are few companies that are at the height of this demand for new knowledge. Thus according to the data from a survey drawn up by Secretary Plus Training, only 20% receive specific training by their company.

Training related to the new times
In line with the above, the secretariats required more training, but above all, training in keeping with the new times. Almost 90% of the surveyed secretariats says require recycling and training specific to work out matters of languages or the Office. What adds that 69% of companies makes no specific training for the collective of the executive assistants.

Profile of Secretariat becomes

Apparently, companies are not heard the demands of the secretariats when it would be highly beneficial for the growth of the company they did. The fact that this is corroborated that about 60 per cent may propose training given to their managers or your HR Department.HH.

Link between top management and employees
The new role played by the Secretariat in the company is related to its position of “bridge” between managers and the rest of the employees. For this reason, the knowledge they needed to go in that direction and claims related to Protocol (40%) training presentations 2.0 (33%) or managing conflict (27%). However, as emphasized Yolanda Álvarez, Manager General de SecretaryPlus in Spain “courses that receive the secretariats are still mainly focusing on languages and Office software, aside from specific courses for your post or that tended to the singularities of the same”.

Training initiatives as the International Executive Master for assistants address and Secretary Plus Training P.A., come to respond to these as specific training concerns, with a dual content: on the one hand, the materials that secretariats more demand in your training, and another, a complete overview of the corporate structure, requests with a program that includes an introduction to the types of companymarketing, human resources or the legal and financial structure of the company.

The master will begin in October this year to its 13 Edition in Madrid and Barcelona, provinces that account for more than 50% of the million and a half of professionals of the secretariat estimated there are in our country. The registration period is open from June 1 and receive applications until October 15.

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