The company obtains ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificate for its management of Global BPO model in its center of San Fernando de Henares, awarded by the BSI body. Furthermore, again exceeds the follow-up audit of the quality system ISO 9001 in its centers of Republic Argentina, Retama, in Madrid, and 22 @, Barcelona. Sitel, a global leader in customer relationship management services, has been once again recognized the quality of the management of its processes, result of its rigorous methodology of work, commitment and participation of its staff, and the deployment and ongoing development of actions for the improvement of the activity with their clients.

In particular, Sitel has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificate for its management model of Global BPO at its Center in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), which has given him the signing of BSI (British Standard Institute) certification, and which includes the areas of sales, purchasing, IT and operations (services of Front and Back Office; emission and reception; fax(, mail, chat, web, social media and video calls) along with their information security processes.

process management

This year, in addition, the company has successfully completed the follow-up audit of the quality system ISO 9001 certification which has since 2005 and that renewed in 2011, in the centres of Retama (Madrid), 22 @ (Barcelona) and Republic Argentina (Seville) also for the areas listed above. In this case, the certifying bodies have been the international company SGS.

Moreover, both Retama centers as San Fernando managed to its customers services of payment with credit cards, so they also are certified in the PCI standard as per agreements with customers.

According to Esmeralda Mingo, General Director of Sitel Ibérica: “all these certifications do not do more than endorsing by an external body with validity and world advocate our values and culture, defined by three fundamental elements: Vision, passion and purpose.” All this is compounded our bet by the improvement of processes through best practices in the sector of the contact center and the strong commitment of our professionals”.

In this context, note the uptake by Sitel of new models of development and innovation through its Global operating system (GOS), which is a framework of processes that guide their leaders, managers and employees throughout the world, to provide consistency and predictability in the management of the quality of Sitel. In the context of GOS, must emphasize the deployment and implementation of Lean Six Sigma for Contact Center methodology, for which in Spain has more than 100 employees trained in the different belts of the methodology: Champions, White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts.