Contygo will present its services in the Miempresa Hall

Technology forefront, experience and methodology set, the company’s consulting and custody business that collaborates in the growth of SMEs, self-employed and entrepreneurs bringing knowledge in management business, which is now accessible only to large companies.

The Contygo team will present at the Salon a new service aimed at companies that aims to return accessible business consulting to self-employed and entrepreneurs, SMEs to help them grow their projects.

present its services

Says Charles Tapiador, founder of Contygo and entrepreneur series that has been launched called as eConta or TMClick, “SMEs and entrepreneurs do not have to settle for a simple advise, and now they can already access to business consulting and monthly guardianship of their business projects.”

Thus, ContyGo creates a new market in Spain which includes 80% of Spanish companies: the market of professionalization in ADE of SMEs and entrepreneurship, so that their companies are consolidated and grow.

ContyGo relies on an exclusive technology that provides a competitive advantage enabling you to offer business consulting in a more effective and simple, and services with a high value proposition, due to the costs of this service allows to save.

The service of Contygo vertebra in four main areas, and each one of them will occupy a corner of the stand Contygo in Hall Miempresa: Contygo, undertakes, Contygo strategic and General Services Contygo Contygo.

Contygo offers a service of accounting, tax and tax, consulting and management and labour. Based on the concept of ‘advice peer’, Contygo Emprende is the solution addressed to entrepreneurs, who will have the support of the best strategists and managers, providing the ecosystem of support and services necessary to grow from the first day and during the various phases of the cycle of each entrepreneurial project. Contygo offers mentoring of entrepreneur project for 2 years, helping you to be part of that 15% of start ups that finally manage to survive over time.

Contygo strategy is a complete Decalogue of services whose main pupils is to improve the positioning in the market of business projects, from plans for growth in the configuration of ojbetivos or budgets, through financial plans and valuation.

The fourth area is Contygo General Services, to manage all tasks administrative and management of different sectors of the economy, thanks to its technology and methodology.