Send information and features. Depending on the type of product listed, it will be convenient to put the features and extensive details of it. For example if the medium-cost products such as computers, toys, parts, gadgets, vacation packages, and so on. is a strategic place everything that is included to attract the attention of your customer . Conversely, if high-priced products, such as houses, vehicles, heavy machinery, etc. will be convenient to focus more on the deals and promotional details that attract your attention to a visitor.

Quote Impact

Highlight promotions and offers . Any contribution due to your client through an offer or promotion “special” should always exist. Phrases like “on his visit ask for special discount” or “Take advantage of seasonal prices only” or “Ask your dealer for your gift” can attract the customer to call and want more information or visit your local make. If you get a second call or a visit, then you have a potential business in your hands.

Clear information contact . Any contribution must have an official who to contact. A potential client should be able to call immediately and receive more information from this levy. A good quote that does not have a way to follow is a quote ineffective.
Listed by different means . Today Faxed quotations are the least required. The vast majority of customers use email and social networks for information. If you do not have these resources and skills in your business , it is time to take a workshop on the use of fast Internet and email for your company to expand its customer base . These courses tend to be inexpensive so it will be a very profitable investment.

Double check the numbers . A good listing should take clear and consistent. Thus, prices, sizes, quantities and all numerical factor should be carefully reviewed so that the customer can be confident that what is quoted is what you can actually buy. A good tool to prepare quotes is Excel. It has many features to make it formal, balance your numbers and protect your information.

Do not send your inventory of products in your quote . Many clients (and sometimes your competition) will solicit bids to get an idea of your prices and your services. In that sense, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to win the customer by offering the full range of products and prices in its price and then send you all 10 products with prices and features. Grave error. A quote, especially for first contact should not take more than 2 or 3 strategic commodities and to capture customer’s attention and make more requests. If you send a list of all your inventory, just do it more tiring to read, interpret, confusing to your customer and may only be happy to know if those who ask are your competitors.

Finally, as an additional tip, always trying to track contributions. Not enough to send them. Hours later, your sales should pick up the phone, contact the customer and sales tracking obviously seeking to sell, as we said at the beginning is the primary objective to contribute. If you send 25 quotes in the month but do not follow, you’re just giving your time and resources.