Visit Hatch to the USM opens new possibilities for the sansanos

The company that provides engineering services, project management and construction administration, met with the network of former students USM to partnerships of mutual cooperation in the long term. Aiming to strengthen ties of partnership and cooperation that have maintained for a long time, the company’s executives Hatch met with executives of the network of former students of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María.

The relationship between the firm dedicated to the engineering and project management and construction management, Hatch and the Santa Maria Technical University aims to generate links that will benefit students in the House of studies and the performance of the company.

new possibilities

“There are several talks and activities that have been achieved in a positive manner;” “for this reason we want to continue building a continuous link that should be maintained during the time,” explained Vjera Vrsalovic, Human Resource Advisor of Hatch, who admitted that there is a significant number of vacancies for professionals and technicians of the USM.

Visit counted with the participation of the Global Practice Director Recourse Co-Coordination, Andy Collins, who was impacted with the traditional architecture and infrastructure of the campus. “Is a pleasure to enter an institution so, one is able to perceive the college life that exists within the Campus,” he said.

With regard to outcomes that had the encounter between the network of former students USM and Hatch, Collins was very interested in go in support of the initiatives of the University, as well as generating links in the long term with the campus. “There are many professional sansanos performing successfully in our company, which is why, personally, I think that it was essential to visit this institution”, added.

On the other hand, Priscilla Torres, Coordinator of the Centre for professional development of the network of former students USM, welcomed this meeting, because open multiple job opportunities for professionals in the USM. “Our goal is to maintain an alliance with companies, since this allows us to deliver more possibilities that can specify in vacancy of jobs, training and support for meritorious students,” he said.