How to design a portfolio of businesses

As the owner of a business or company that provides services to the public, one of the best ways to attract more customers and buyers to provide examples of your work. Everyone from writers to construction companies need to have examples to show potential customers, in order to show they can do the job in a reliable, quality and satisfactory. While there are several possibilities for the contents of a portfolio of businesses, the basic design and development is the same.

portfolio of businesses


Determine what the goal of your market. You must guide the content of your portfolio to the type of clientele you want to attract to your business. For example, if you’re in the construction business, your goal may be retired couples looking to build a retirement home. If you’re in the landscaping business, your goal would be within a certain financial demographic. Consider all factors that do know what your goal is and how to use it.

Hire someone to take photographs of your work done, or do it yourself if you have not finished. The idea is that the photographs show the best features of the work you do. Again, for example, if your business is to build houses, you need images that use all the best features and workmanship of the house, not just the view of the front yard.

Choose the best images of the projects that reveal your best work. Alternatively, if your portfolio shows your skills something like writing , choose the best examples of those skills. Whether your choice is of images or documents, choose those that have received the most recognition, awards and even your best customer comments. These are examples of your work that really show what you’re capable of producing.

Design a portfolio in an attractive way. Avoid fluff, design text that is messy and difficult to read. Stay with capital letters flowing format that allows the viewer to follow him easily.

Includes extras that really make you stand out success, such as letters of thanks and previous customer feedback, facts and figures that give your business an extra charm.

Decide what format you want for your portfolio. You can provide your potential customers an online portfolio of your work, with images or versions. PDF documents on a website that is easy to remember, find and write. Another option is to show your best work in a brochure about your business. For meetings with your potential customers, builds a portfolio bound with large images, clear, details of your best work and product examples.