Tips for Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

If you are trying to save money on a new portable air conditioner, it is best to try to buy in the “off season”. This means that you should look for a new air conditioner between October and March.

However, you can often find good sales in the case of portable air conditioners and in July or August. As sales of air conditioners slower towards the end of summer, you can often see rising sales and discounts. This can be a great way to save some serious money on a new portable air conditioner.

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Portable Air Conditioner

The disadvantage of buying an air conditioner in the off season or when entering the great discounts is that your selection will be more limited than if bought during the peak of the season. For many people, it might make sense to buy a new air conditioner when the new models will be available in the spring and when there is a large inventory available in local stores.

In recent years, many stores storeslike BJ is Costcohave and began selling portable air conditioners in the spring. The downside of buying one of these stores is that it has little variety in brands. But the good thing is that you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing your air conditioner from a warehouse store.

As an example, in the past two summers I have been able to find great deals on popular brands (such as Amana and Delonghi) at Costco. Costco had these in the most popular brands sizes12, 000 BTUs and 14,000 BTUsfor steep discounts. Moreover, not only so popular you can buy air conditioners in warehouse stores, but you can also use your website and have unit delivered directly to your home.

Although you have to buy a membership in order to buy at these stores warehouse, usually outweigh the cost of membership to the discount you will receive on your portable air conditioner unit. If you are in the market for an import or air conditioning, not a bad idea to check your local warehouse stores to get an idea of ​​the brands that are available and to determine how their prices are competitive.

Wherever you decide to buy your air conditioning, make sure you check out care units in the manufacturer’s website. There you can get information about the features that come standard with the new portable air conditioner as well as information about each cooling unit capacity.

Because portable air conditioners have become so popular in recent years, there is a steady supply coming on the market all summer. These units are cost effective and easy to install, so we’ve seen a big demand in portable air conditioning unit.

Another advantage is that these units are invisible from the outside of your home. Unlike a window air conditioner, you should sit in the window, the portable air conditioners require only a small opening through which to run the exhaust pipe.