Points to open your business

The starting a business requires an original plan, the courage to pursue it and strength of mind to achieve it. It is no easy matter. This becomes even more difficult without the correct experience and external guidance task. There are hundreds of articles on the internet trying to facilitate steps or provide in order useful to entrepreneurs to start their business whether motivational issues emotional technical and so on. However, these publications seem for all time the same considerations mentioned. In this article, we talk about five points than just talking and in my experience as an entrepreneur should be taken into account.

Points to open your business

Identification and official documents: avoids delays and unwanted surprises. Before going to the offices to complete the formalities required starting your business assesses that all your paperwork is in order. Are you sure the data on your birth certificate are correct? Unbelievably it is common to find errors in this document. Do you count on are your CURP and accurate data? We invite you to visit this site to check. Make sure the data on your official identification INE credential, passport, military ID, professional license are reliable and valid. A further are you sure that the firm you created in high school can be used in your professional life?

Tax Issues: in this case the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC). If you tell him, it is important to check their status, and if you do not have to process it. What involvement has on my business? All tax aspect revolves around this. Depending on your type of business, customers will demand invoices for purchases, for which you must be registered not want to lose sales when we are starting. In addition, you need to ask your RFC to check your bills and expenses.

The name of your company find the name for your company is almost as difficult as looking for a baby name. It must be perfect, right. Well if so, make sure the name is available. For this, we must consult the databases of Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI). In the following info graphic, the institute shows the steps to follow to obtain the license of your brand.

What image does the client yourself and your company: harsh reality from now on will have to think twice about what you post on your social networks. Whether public messages to friends, political beliefs or personal opinions, henceforth clicking “publish” takes a more serious connotation. About your company, where is he located? Do you have enough resources to make the customer feel comfortable if a visit to your facility? Do you inspire your office a picture of confidence and professionalism? Need to hire a virtual office? You will have to take into account the industry standard regarding these items, even when you want to implement an innovative plan you have to maintain some attachment to traditions. Remember that it is probable that the customer and you differ in opinion about your company.

Customers and Sales: this point is extremely important as it relates to income generation in your business Do you count as a significant customer base to start your business? You may not possess but it is possible that your relationships will facilitate this point. On this basis is it possible that your family, friends, and acquaintances can provide you with valid references for potential customers? In case your answer to the above is negative, before venturing questions must make a solid marketing plan and prospecting.