Patton, leading company worldwide in the voice-over-IP telecommunications sector, has introduced in its portfolio two new Premium levels in its customer service. The company has been offering since 1984 your free Gold-standard support of lifetime during business hours with each of its products – including free updates of software for download. Unique within the industry of electronic communications, the free support of Patton proposal significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of products, providing a significant competitive advantage for Patton channel partners and end customers.

Platinum customer service

Now, new Platinum-level and Platinum-plus 24/7 support services are tailored to the high requirements of technical service of the operators of telecommunications, Internet service providers and other organizations that need the guarantee of a high speed of response and resolution that includes hours nightly, not commercial or on weekends.

\”Estamos responding to the clientes\”, says Burton Patton, Patton Electronics Executive Vice President. \”Nos asked for guaranteed agreements for a service with response and solution times. Our Platinum-plus service extends our free and exclusive Gold-standard with coverage 24/television ‘. ”

Platinum Premium service guarantees a response time of 2 hours and 8 hours in terms of repair during normal business hours in the event of any critical incident.

Platinum-plus 24/7 service guarantees the same solution, and response times offering support anywhere in the world at any time, be day or night.

Patton technical personnel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with incidents important or critical in any part of the world. Patton products are characterized by being highly stable and reliable, but the company wanted to create new added value to be available for their clients whenever they need it. In fact, between the VoIP industry technogeeks, Patton SmartNode teams are renowned for their stability \”set-it-foget-it\”. ” It is always better, in any event, however, find the security of a solid organization. And, of course, there are certain businesses that want or need a 24/7 safety net.

Burt Patton adds: \”Patton has a presence in 142 countries, offering free support in at least 10 languages. VoIP SmartNode equipment used and operating in 105 countries. We have trained and certified nearly a thousand of SmartNode specialists to offer a global service. \”

Patton has technical support centers in Gaithersburg, Bern, Budapest, Lebanon, India and Viet Nam, providing attention to global channels for customer and clients of Patton in throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

One of the latest of the SmartNode range are your Gateways VoIP for SIP communications, global change to the Protocol that will be imposed in the coming years on the Internet, the IPv6-ready.