The theory and technology in human resource management have evolved over the past decade, with an intervention of new ways to operate and manage. Well coming to be. In the past five years has accelerated even more with the social networking revolution. Referents, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Goggle just to mention the most important, interact and connect millions of people worldwide. The synergistic power of this is shocking and its implications are no less.

Both academics, professionals, technicians, workers, housewives, students, entrepreneurs, companies, state institutions, international organizations and consultants and advisors of human resources have a meeting where it operates a dynamic market of job opportunities, both on supply and demand. In addition the feasibility that enables internet that online contacts are made both inside and outside the country. All this is due largely to the Social Media Recruitment 2.0, has become particularly important, and has opened doors that did not exist.

Planning and recruitment

The power of the recruitment of staff, first link in the integration of staff has gone from being the monopoly of the company, and therefore of human resource experts, to be shared with the candidate. What is important, in our opinion and experience is that both can and take advantage of online interaction that allows personnel management 2.0. Among the advantages is the increased opportunities, ease of contact, transmission of information in geometric networks, access to information about prospects in the network, and of places available. This has a positive effect on costs, lowering them for the benefit of the company and the prospects or candidates. Similarly impact in lowering the opportunity cost for the company.

This new trend that is here to stay, make us reconsider. The easy access and contacts for both the company and the candidate, the same universal, and therefore competition for qualified human resources are still scarce in our country requires more than ever those responsible the same in business, has to plan its human resources, a task that normally is pending. Now also the competence of our company can and will have access to inside information of our qualified and competent personnel, which is in force and account details profile on the network.

There are no human resource insurance, how to keep it is now a task that requires extra efforts and appropriate management policies. Why do we say this?, based on experience of markets and how they operate. In economics, speech and various liberal theories point to the theory of spontaneous markets. According to this theory organize themselves and operate without an apparent lead agency. The invisible hand of Adam Smith. But this is not completely valid for the labor market. In our view remains essential and responsibility of human resource specialists, and a new years how the newly started can be the right time, answering questions torales: What human resources need, What to look for skills? Why do you need?, When I need it? What I will implement strategies to attract? How to negotiate a win-win? How to enrich the plaza? How to encourage a race and culture for the benefit of staff and the company? What external support by consulting firms specializing in selection require? What other sources, such as job boards I can use? And one last very important, how do I retain my key staff?

Certainly not all, but if we consider major. This is the field of human resource planning, and therefore we believe that only companies that develop and implement consistently in its people management processes, will be the greatest advantage and profit derived from the revolution of recruiting and social networking 2.0. Technology must serve our skills, not vice versa.